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10 Reasons Why I Love the Married Life

September 26, 2013

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I love being married.  For years I prayed that God would unite my heart with someone I could spend the rest of my life with.  The first time I met Heather Pugh, I knew that God had heard and answered my prayer.  On Valentine’s Day in 2000, I asked her to be my wife.  On a stagecoach in downtown Atlanta she made me the happiest man in the world when she said “yes.”  She has continued to make me happy throughout these thirteen years.

We have learned many things throughout the course of our marriage, and I am certain we are yet to learn so much more.  But here are a few things I have discovered.  I love being married because through our relationship comes:


10. Memories

Marriage allows us to capture moments with those we love.  Everything in life takes on more meaning when you share it with someone else.  Each snapshot in our photo album tells a story of a life we are creating together.


9. Laughter

You cannot have a successful marriage without the element of laughter.  Heather laughs at the most ridiculous things (talking animals, high-pitched voices, people falling down or gagging, etc- but in all fairness she did marry someone as ridiculous as myself).  I love those moments when we are silly and stupid to the point where we embarrass the kids.


8. Accountability

My relationship with Heather keeps me accountable, not only to her and the boys, but to God as well.  None of us live to ourselves; with relationship comes responsibility.  I am glad I have someone to “check-in” with throughout the day.


7. Forgiveness

For most of us it comes as a total shock that we could actually be wrong about something; but marriage proves that no one person is always right.  Forgiveness is foundational in a successful marriage.  Without it resentment builds and emotional walls are constructed.


6. Shared Experiences

Like all couples we’ve had many ups and many downs; many tears and many smiles; many burdens and many blessings.  The good far outweighs the bad, but these experiences make us who we are.  I couldn’t imagine doing “life” with anyone but her.


5. Home

God has provided a beautiful home for me and Heather to live.  Through the efforts of our marriage we have been blessed not only to have a house, but a home filled with joy and contentment. I am so thankful for the material blessings that God gives us on a daily basis, but more than that, I appreciate the warmth and stability that lies within the walls of our house and our marriage.


4. Ministry

Our marriage gives foundation for our ministry.  I say “our” because I couldn’t preach, teach, pastor, or evangelize without the sacrifice and efforts of my wife.  My schedule is crazy busy, but she never complains.  I am so thankful for her willingness to follow the Lord as He leads me in the ministry.  I can honestly say that Heather sacrifices in ways that no one ever sees (or needs to), without any grumbling.  She makes our ministry what it is.


3. Children

Through our marriage the Lord has given us three beautiful children.  Brady, Drew, and Carson complete our life together.  I never envisioned the joy God would bring through these little humans.  They are my love, my life, and my legacy.  Heather gave me my children, and for that, I am held accountable unto them to the day I die.


2. Love

I guess this is the sappy part, but I love loving Heather.  Being married is not just a responsibility, it is a privilege.  Love grows differently at each stage in life.  No, we no longer sit for hours at a time talking on the phone, or stare at each other with “goo-goo” eyes; but we love each other more now than at any other time in our marriage.   No wonder God created Eve from Adam’s rib, she was close to his heart.


1. The Testimony of Christ

Marriage is symbolic of the relationship that Christ has with His church.  Marriage is God’s design and God’s desire for humanity.  It is His cure for loneliness, His pattern for creation.  A marriage that honors the Lord will certainly be honored by the Lord. Through my marriage, I have learned to love the Lord with more of my heart and devotion.  He is the center of our home.


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