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10 Things Every Man Should Give His Wife on Valentine’s Day, and Every Day

February 13, 2014


Studies show that most men purchase gifts for their wives either the day before or the day of Valentines.  If you are in the south, this is an issue.  This is an issue because for the past three days most of us have been confined to our homes.  If you have bravely weathered the treacherous roadways, it has probably been to the grocery store for bread and milk, not jewelry and roses.  Honestly, how many men do you think bought Valentine gifts last month?  I hate to even remind you, but Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.

If you have preplanned, good for you…please pray for the rest of us.  If you have not prepared, I do have some good news.  There are a few things your wife wants that cannot be supplied by Wal-Mart or Kohls.  These are things that should be given every day of the year, not just at Valentines. (Warning: this is a pretty good list, but you will still need to get your wife a real gift, probably a little more expensive than the one from last year).


1. A Good Relationship with God.

A.W. Tozer said, “The best way for a husband to save his family from delinquency is to show them an example of a man who loves God uncompromisingly.”  Your relationship with God is the most important thing you can give your wife.  Guard it, grow it, and give it to her.


2. A Fatherly Presence to Her Children.

I like what Steve Farrar said in his book, King Me, concerning the relationship a father should have with his children, “God has called you to be his father, not a jerk.”  Every wife wants her husband to be the spiritual role-model for her children.  Encourage her by giving her children a biblical pattern for manhood.


3. A Compliment about Her Appearance.

This seems to fade away over time.  The flirtatious compliments from the youthful honeymoon days have a way of being replaced with groaning and complaining about our own physical ailments.  Let her know she is attractive; let her know she is still the apple of your eye.


4. Uninterrupted Time and Attention.

Let’s admit it, this one is hard.  Have you ever had a conversation with your spouse while watching ESPN, or scrolling through Facebook?  Just to let you know, she hates it.  She hates it because she knows your attention is elsewhere.  Put down the iPad, turn off the TV, and disregard the voicemail.  She gave you your children and makes your house a home, give her some well-deserved attention.  And all the ladies said…Amen?


5. A Sense of Security.

Whether they want to admit it or not, women like security.  They want to know that everything is going to be ok.  Regardless of the issue (finances, emotions, relationships, etc) let them know that you are leading her and that you have a plan.


6. Help Around the Home.

My wife secretly found this article and added this one.  I am just kidding.  Housework is relentless and ongoing.  Since my surgery I have been around the house a lot more than normal.  I have seen firsthand the mounds of laundry, the pile of dishes, and ongoing list of chores.  If you really want to get her in the mood, forget the cheap-smelling cologne, why not vacuum the living room?  That sound you hear is the hand-clapping of every woman in the world.


7. A Good Attitude.

How often do we complain to each other?  More than we probably realize.  A good attitude is infectious.  Stop gripping and fussing about everything.   A critical spirit breeds hostility and negativity.  It’s hard to kiss someone whose lips tastes like vinegar.


8. Memories that Will Last.

Create a moment.  Take her to that special restaurant. Do something out of the ordinary.  Don’t go through the drive-in at Zaxby’s and expect her to be thrilled.  Be creative, be spontaneous, be considerate.  Give her a memory that will last in the photo albums of her mind for years to come.


9. Meaningful Conversation about Your Life.

Some of the most cherished moments of life are those simple settings when me and Heather discuss where we’ve been and where we are going.  Put aside the pointless drivel, and reconnect.  You may already know everything about each other, but confirm that notion with a meaningful conversation.


10. A Gift, You’re not Off the Hook Just Because It’s Snowing.

Let me clearly state, items 1-9 will mean absolutely NOTHING if you do not get her something.


I love you Heather.  Tomorrow, fourteen years ago, you said “yes” to my clumsy, awkward proposal.  I am glad that I am at home in the snow with you!

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