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4 Simple Truths to Remember When Sharing the Gospel

February 22, 2014


The essence of evangelism is simply this: Ordinary people telling ordinary people about an extraordinary God. In my experience I have discovered that lost men never respond to a program, they only respond to people who are spiritually authentic and organically changed by the message they proclaim.

Oftentimes we make sharing the Gospel more difficult than it should be.  We live in a day and time when people think only trained theologians or snotty seminarians are the only ones who can articulate the faith.  Such a sentiment would not bode well with the early church.  The men who revolutionized the first century were fishermen, tax collectors, carpenters, and tent-makers who simply gave a personal testimony of God’s grace manifested in their own lives.

Today, we make it more complex.  We have to follow certain steps, or muster up the words for an intellectual debate.  We become skittish and reluctant because we fear rejection, or even worse…questions.  Regardless of the reasons, most believers find it difficult to share their faith in this post-modern, antagonistic world.

If you find it difficult to share your faith, I would like to encourage you to remember these four simple truths when sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

1. Jesus Left His Place.  We must begin by telling others that Christ indeed was God and that He came from heaven.  He was and is the Sinless Savior Who desires to save all people.

2. Jesus Came to Our Place.  This holy, sinless God came to us.  He became man, sinless man indeed, but man nonetheless. He experienced the frailties of humanity and understands our sorrow.

3. Jesus Took Our Place.  Christ died for our sins on Calvary.  He paid the price by nailing our sins to His cross.  His death on a cross was God’s ultimate display of love and forgiveness.

4. Jesus Wants to Take Us to His Place. Christ rose from the grave, ascended back to Heaven and promises to return for His followers.  When He returns, He will take those who have faith back to Heaven.

This is easy to understand, and equally easy to communicate.  The next time you have an opportunity to share your faith, consider the differences in His place and Our Place – it may very well help someone see the need to change locations. This is the Good News, this is the Gospel.

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