5 Blind Spots to Deal With on the Road of Ministry

October 17, 2014


Webster defines the term “blind spot” as an area in which one fails to exercise judgment or discrimination.  It is literally a space in which one’s view is obstructed.  We all have them, and not dealing with them, especially on the road of ministry, can result in a fatal crash.  It’s always dangerous to swerve, but to swerve at the wrong time, into the wrong thing, is deadly.  That’s why we need a clear view, a view that reveals all angles at all times.

Blind spots are treacherous.  They conceal reality.  They fail to warn us, and protect us.  That is why the minister of the gospel must go above and beyond to keep watch.  John Adams said, “No man is wise enough or good enough to be trusted with unlimited power.”  Someone who “drives” with such power is just a wreck waiting to happen.  Here are five blind spots that can cause major damage to the man of God:


1. The Blind Spot of Accountability

When a man of God fails to exercise judgment in this particular area of his life, he will inevitably lose control.  One of my favorite quotes on accountability is by Mel Lawrenz, “If we don’t have proper and reasonable lines of accountability, then our only guide will be the expectations we put on ourselves, and we should not trust ourselves that much.”


2. The Blind Spot of Personal Holiness

William Law said, “But we can no more be said to live unto God, unless we live unto Him in all the ordinary actions of our life, unless He be the rule and measure of all our ways.”  Never substitute position, title, or popularity for personal holiness.  The greatest need of your people is for you to lead them with a clean heart.


3. The Blind Spot of Balanced Priorities

The blind spot, by its very definition, means the inability to see.  When we fail to look at all areas of life and ministry, we will allow those certain areas to suffer.  As Richard Swenson said, “Balance is not the kingdom, but if our priorities lie in that direction, balance can help us sustain our focus all the way Home.”  I agree; balance cannot be the ultimate goal of Christian service, but without it, you will not be much of a servant.


4. The Blind Spot of Family Obligations

Most men of God understand this blind spot all too well.  It’s difficult to see our family as we stand before the crowds.  We have many obligations, many responsibilities, but none any greater than investing into the lives of those entrusted to our familial care.  Don’t allow your life to crash because you fail to see your wife and kids.


5. The Blind Spot of Divine Glory

A man who only sees himself has more than a eye problem, he has a heart problem.  One writer said, “There is no greater joy than the joy we receive in the presence of God.”  All that we see, all that we do, and all that we are, should be aimed toward this one eternal desire: to glorify God.  Don’t try to take it from Him.

Keep your eyes open, your heart pure, your intent godly, your family consoled, and your pursuits divine.  Remember to always double check before you make a move.

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