5 Ideas for Preaching through a Series

April 10, 2014

Pastor Holding Bible

There was a time in my ministry when I did not give much attention to the sermon series idea.  For whatever reason, I felt that a particular thought, subject, or passage should be dealt with in the confines of only one service, not to be discussed again for an extended amount of time.  Such thinking was not only flawed, but it was a perpetual weight on my study habits.  Instead of spending valuable hours studying the Word, I would spend hours studying where to go in the Word.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, I began to discover the great advantages of studying and preaching God’s Word in a series format.

  • It promotes discipline in your study.  When you know where you are going from week to week, it makes the hunt much easier.  The busy pastor needs structure or he will waste God-given time.
  • It allows the congregation to revisit particular truths on a regular basis.  Repetition is the key to learning.
  • It creates a sense of excitement and expectancy.  For example, we just finished a series on the book of Ruth.  Much like a cliffhanger, we experienced the dramatic twists and turns of the plot together.  There was a growing anticipation each week as we opened the Word of God.
  • It opens a door for outreach.  When you are able to announce in advance a particular subject or theme, you build interest.

I still preach individual messages, but I find that preaching through a series helps coordinate my thoughts, mind, and heart toward the will of God for that particular hour of preaching.   Here are a few ideas and suggestions when preaching through a series:


Preach Expositionally through a Book.

Word by word.  Line by line.  Verse by verse.  Chapter by chapter. Guard yourself against monotony and boredom.  Keep it interesting and refreshing.

Idea: Start small.  Preach through Jude, I John, or Philemon.


Preach on Great Subjects through a Book.

Read the entire book, outline main thoughts of each passage and study accordingly.

Idea: I did this with the book of John a few years ago.  I titled the series, “I Find No Fault in Him.”  In each chapter, I pointed out a particular feature of Christ’s life and ministry.  (Chapter 1- No Fault in His Person, Chapter 2- No Fault in His Performance, Chapter 3- No Fault in His Pardon, etc).


Preach on the Life of Great Men and Women in God’s Word.

This is an interesting way to get acquainted with great heroes of the faith.  This format provides a natural flow of the character’s ministry and placement in the Bible.  It also allows the congregation to see how God can use ordinary people in the service of the Lord.

Idea: Go through the life of David, Joseph, Moses, Paul and highlight major events


Preach on Current Issues or Subjects.

People want to know what God has said about the pressing issues of our day.  We have the answers in the Word of God.

Idea: Take a month and preach four messages on the home, finances, social problems, prophetic events, etc.


Preach Basic Doctrine.

This is missing in many of our churches.  We must not assume that our people automatically know the fundamentals of the faith.  This is not a mark against them not knowing, this is a fault in us not teaching.

Idea: Take great words like justification, redemption, atonement, holiness, discipleship and elaborate on them through a series of messages.

However and whatever you preach, remember this one thing: we are to proclaim the whole counsel of the Word of God.  Doing it systematically and thoroughly is the key to developing the faith of those who are entrusted to our care.


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