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5 Qualities of a Good Prayer Partner

October 17, 2013


Oswald Chambers said, “Prayer does not fit us for a greater work; it is the greater work.”  We all know the importance and power of prayer, but for some reason, it is an area of weakness for most believers.  Bearing the burden of emotional and spiritual weights can fatigue your soul, discourage your heart, and stymie your growth.  That is why the Bible instructs us to pray with, and for, one another.  We often struggle in prayer because we go at it all alone.

Rarely does a single soldier obtain victory in his own strength.  It is seldom that a farmer yields a fruitful crop without the assistance of many laborers.  Churches and families are never constituted without the power of partnership.  In short, we need one another.

Having a prayer partner will not take away the bumps on the journey of life, but it can make the experience more tolerable.  However, before you pick up anyone for the ride, you should make sure you are partnering with the right person.


1. Make sure your prayer partner is someone you can trust

The nature of prayer is intimate. Prayer means being brutally honest with God.  When you have a prayer partner, you share personal things about your life that should not be broadcasted to the world.  Before you spill your gut to someone, make sure that person not only has high moral and spiritual standards, but that he or she is trustworthy with your requests.


2. Make sure your prayer partner is someone who is committed to spiritual growth

Of course you want your prayer partner to be a friend, but above and beyond that, you want to ensure that he is committed to his own spiritual growth.  Don’t just pick someone because of their likeability, charm, or personality.  Before partnering with them in prayer, ask them questions about their own spiritual development and growth.


3. Make sure your prayer partner is someone who promotes God’s will above his own advice

Sharing requests with others should never be a platform for opinionated advice.  The idea behind having a prayer partner is to intercede for one another before a holy God.  The aim is to find God’s will in every situation.  Also, don’t let your time together turn into a gossip hour.  There is a fine line between gossip and sharing prayer requests.


4. Make sure your prayer partner is someone who attempts to live in accordance to God’s Word

God’s Word is the anchor for life.  Many of the answers we seek for in prayer have already been answered in the Word of God.  If your partner openly lives in defiance to God’s Word, you both will find difficulty in communicating with God.


5. Make sure your prayer partner is someone who will hold you accountable.

Accountability is one of the primary reasons for having a prayer partner.  Don’t pick someone who will go “easy” on you.  You need someone who is concerned enough for your spirituality that they would be willing to call you out on something for the betterment of your faith.


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