5 Reasons Why I Love Enthusiastic Preaching

February 25, 2015


Any preacher who captures the heart of his congregation must have his own heart captured by the Word He is preaching.  Nothing is better than hearing a man of God who is altogether and convincingly sold on the message he proclaims.  Nothing is worse, however, than hearing someone speak who lacks passion and possession of the Holy Spirit of God.  The half-hearted man who enters the pulpit with a half-hearted message needs to sit down until the other half if ready.

Doing the work of exposition must be coupled with enthusiastic fervor.  No one uncovers a buried treasure without an audacious testimony or at the very least…a smile.  Preachers have the incomparable task of digging truth from God’s Word.  Once those spiritual nuggets are discovered, it is imperative they are delivered to God’s people with a passionate tone.

Please do not confuse enthusiasm with volume or demonstrative hang gestures.  It is possible to be enthusiastic without being a spectacle.  But it is impossible to be enthusiastic without being convinced.  And that is really where enthusiasm in preaching begins: Being convinced about what you are communicating.

I love expository preaching, and I love it even more when it is delivered in an enthusiastic manner.  Here are five reasons why:


1. It follows the biblical pattern of Christ and the apostles.

The multitudes came out in droves to hear Christ preach, not because He was boring but because He was engaging.  When asked if the disciples would turn away, Peter declared, “To whom shall we go, thou hast the words to eternal life.”  Paul reminded the Thessalonians, “For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance; as ye know what manner of men we were among you for your sake.”


2. It demonstrates our resolve and commitment to truth.

Truth is rarely communicated in timidity.  History proves that our world has been transformed by effective speakers. Some of those speakers have been wicked, some righteous, but none lackluster.  A man of God who fails to express his joy, resolve, and passion will have a hard time convincing the world of His Christ.


3. It shows the urgency of eternal life.

Enthusiasm in preaching should be rooted in the soil of eternity.  What I mean to say is this: The souls of men are at stake.  Heaven and hell are weighed in the balance.  If your child was running toward oncoming traffic you would not mundanely approach the situation.  No, you would race toward them with heart-bounding angst and demonstratively warn them of the danger.  Preaching is just that.  It is the voice between the great span of souls.


4. It challenges the church to fulfill the work of the kingdom.

God did not call preachers to be cheerleaders.  This is not a pep rally and we are not trying to muster up the spirit.  However, in the midst of so many distracting forces, the man of God must be able to motivate, challenge, and inspire his people to be engaged in the work of Christ.  Those with a monotone voice rarely stir people to the challenge.


5. It validates the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the proclaimer.

Enthusiastic preaching is only convincing when delivered from someone who is convinced.  I tell my congregation all the time that in order for me to preach a message to the masses, I must first preach that message to me… multiple times.  Those messages that seem to be used most of the Holy Spirit has first done a work in my own heart.


“Today those who preach with majesty and spiritual power are few, and the booming voice of the church has become a pathetic whisper.” –J. Oswald Sanders



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