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7 Reasons Why You Should Laugh Right Now

August 26, 2013

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Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?  Because it was dead.

I will confess: it is stupid, and doesn’t make much sense, but whenever I hear that old joke, it makes me laugh; sometimes really hard.  And laughter these days is a valued commodity.

I certainly agree that we have much to be concerned over during these turbulent, wavering times; but in spite of all the heralded doom and gloom, the church needs to reclaim its joy.  Sometimes I wonder if people resist salvation simply because of their fear of becoming like the calloused and miserable Christians they encounter from week to week.  Hypocrisy at its greatest height is to tell others of the sufficiency of Christ while wearing a frown on our face.

I wonder, do you laugh very often?

I asked myself that question the other day, and to be honest, I was not pleased with the answer.  I laugh, but not as much as I used to.  I want to laugh more.  I am not talking about silliness or dim-witted jesting; I am talking about good, clean, hearty, knee-slapping laughter.  If laughter is not a part of your life it should be, and here is why…


1. It is Biblical

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.  The joy of the Lord is our strength.  When we live without the gleeful sounds of laughter, we actually diminish the joy God wants us to have.  He has not only provided and prescribed joy in our life, I personally believe God, as our Father, delights in the joy of His children.  Contrary to popular belief, you can be saved, and enjoy it! Laughing is scriptural.


2. It is Free

A good laugh among friends is the cheapest form of entertainment in the world.  You need not purchase a ticket, or invest a dime to be the benefactor of its cause.  In these tough economic times, we should take advantage of laughter’s complimentary service.


3. It Provides Escape

Troubles abound, so when we get a chance to laugh we should do it.  There will be plenty of opportunities to cry, so why not laugh when the occasion arises?  There have been times while traveling through the valley, the Lord has sent a good laugh to ease my mind and comfort my heart.  I am grateful for those moments of escape.


4. It Brings Joy

A happy person enjoys a good laugh.  Try it.  Go ahead, just laugh out loud, even if nothing is funny.  You can’t even think about it without smiling, can you?  Think about the people in your life who are the most joyful…odds are they are the same ones who often wear a smile. If you want to be happier, try laughing a little more.


5. It is Infectious

Negativity is the breeding ground for misery, but joy is contagious.  Most people want to be around others who take pleasure in life. Whenever I see someone enjoying a good laugh, I typically smile whether I know the joke or not.  I get a kick out of seeing others laugh.  If you are going to be the kind of person that others want to hang out with, you will have to lighten up a little and learn to enjoy the ride.


6. It is Healthy

It is scientifically-proven: when we smile we produce more serotonin in the brain which is an antidepressant.  With the rising cost of healthcare, we should do whatever we can to keep down the premiums.  Plus, laughter is easier to swallow than pills.  George Byron said, “Always laugh when you can, it is the cheapest medicine available.”


7. It Strengthens Relationships

Henry Ward Beecher said, “Laughter is not a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is the best ending for one.”  Laughter unifies us.  It puts us on common ground.  Commonality is the heart of most jokes- when we connect with the frailty, faults, and failures of others, something transpires in our soul.  It is God’s way of reminding us that we are human.  Think about it, humor is rooted in our own experience.  We laugh at what we can relate to.  When you laugh with someone, you strengthen your bond with that person.

So go ahead… learn a new joke, laugh with a friend, share an experience, smile a little.  God has been too good for us to mope around like a bunch of dead monkeys that have fallen out of the trees!

Now that my friend, is funny….

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