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Are You Selling the Gospel or Giving the Gospel?

October 10, 2014


Insomnia is the infomercial’s greatest friend.  I don’t know what it is, but after midnight, the Ginsu knife collection becomes the most ingenious piece of merchandise in the history of mankind.  I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t need a knife that can dice tomatoes and cut up your shoes all at the same time?  The marketing concepts behind the infomercial brands are designed to manipulate you into thinking you can’t live without their products.  The lighting, the quick-talking front man, the easy-to-assemble gadgetry, and the unbelievable price of 19.99 all work together for a pretty good sales pitch.  Many times I am intrigued…but rarely do I ever take the bait.

Too often we approach evangelism in the same fashion.  We try to market the God-given gospel in man-made packaging.  Like a late-night infomercial, we try to create a mood, present a deal, or sale a concept.  Sure, people may be intrigued, but such efforts rarely, if ever, produce authentic, genuine converts.  And the reason why is because we are not supposed to sell the gospel…we are to give the gospel.

Last year for Christmas, someone gave me a Ginsu knife collection.  It was like I had always imagined.  There I was in my kitchen, the ninja warrior of cookery, preparing for battle.  I had in my possession the weaponry I had wanted for years…not because I bought it, but because I received it.

The gospel is not for sale and we are not Christian marketers.  The gospel needs no elaboration.  It needs no enhanced storyline.  It needs no fancy-talking gimmickry to improve its value.  When we stop selling Jesus, and start giving Jesus, people will be more prone to receive Jesus.

God the Father provides the plan, God the Son provides the payment and God the Holy Spirit provides the persuasion…we simply provide the proclamation.

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