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What Happens When You’re Not There: The Effects of Missing Church

November 2, 2013

I am a die-hard Georgia Bulldogs fan.  I rarely miss a game, and if I do, be sure, it is being recorded to watch at a later time, even...

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The Advantages of a Happy Church

July 19, 2013

I have a general rule of thumb about visiting places for the first time: if I feel uncomfortable or unwelcomed, I typically don’t go back.  This is true with...

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Why Everyone Should Faithfully Attend Church

June 14, 2013

Recent trends in Christianity reveal that the church is revamping traditional worship services to accommodate the world. More and more congregations are calling off Sunday evening services in an...

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12 Things You Can Do This Sunday to Encourage Your Church

June 8, 2013

  1. Show Up. Sometimes just being in your place is the biggest blessing. When you are not there, you are missed. C’mon, did you really think I would...