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Areas of Adversity in Spiritual Leadership -Part 2

October 23, 2013

Fred Smith contends, “In every significant event there has been a bold leader, a shaped vision, and most often, an adversary.”  This principle rings true from Genesis to Revelation. ...


Areas of Adversity in Spiritual Leadership -Part 1

October 22, 2013

The frontlines of any battle are subject to the most heated warfare.  In the fight of faith, spiritual leaders are enlisted as first-infantry soldiers in the army of God;...

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Book Review: The Top Ten Leadership Commandments by Hans Finzel

October 18, 2013

In his book, The Top Ten Leadership Commandments, Hans Finzel documents the leadership principles that are exhibited through and in the life of Moses.  The burning-bush believer seemed to...

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How to Beat the BUSY Life

September 24, 2013

In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon poetically described the various seasons of life.  There is a time for this, and a time for that.  Life unfolds naturally…sometimes triumphantly, sometimes...

Book Reviews Leadership

Book Review: Mistakes Leaders Make by Dave Kraft

July 27, 2013

I have read many parable books on leadership throughout my ministry, but this is the first one that features the dynamics of a church staff.  In the fictitious setting...

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The Necessity of Character in Ministry

July 15, 2013

A pastor told his congregation one Sunday that he would be taking a few days off to repair a broken fence in his backyard.  A little boy heard the...

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5 Ways to Miss the Mark in Ministry

July 8, 2013

Every year thousands of preachers, pastors, and evangelists leave their calling.  It is true-God redirects some men into different locations and fields at various times.  On occasion God will...


10 Ways to Reignite Your Vision for Ministry

June 29, 2013

We all know it is imperative for leaders to have and maintain a vision.  “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight” said Helen Keller,...

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Questions the Congregation Would Never Ask the Pastor, But Would Love to Know the Answer

June 21, 2013

  1. What Do You Do? The old joke says the pastor only works an hour and a half each  week: thirty minutes on Sunday morning, thirty minutes on...

Book Reviews Leadership

Book Review: The Painful Side of Leadership by Jeff Iorg

June 19, 2013

The Painful Side of Leadership has a different tone from most leadership books on the market today.  Most material on leadership details what a leader should do or how...