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Dealing with the Duds- How to Respond After Preaching Poorly

July 26, 2013

You walk away from the study with hours, (sometimes days or weeks) worth of research, prayer, and meditation.  Your exegesis is accurately sound, your outline is practical and fresh,...


The Significance of Relationships in Preaching

July 24, 2013

Expositional preaching is difficult work.  What may appear to be only a thirty-minute message is actually the product of countless hours of study.  We dig, we sift, we analyze,...

Christian Living Preaching

The Ever-Expanding Library of Ministry

July 19, 2013

Books abound in the preacher’s life.  At times I feel they overtake me.  They are on my desk, on my shelves, on my nightstand, on my electronic devices, in...


The Primacy of the Gospel in our Preaching

July 18, 2013

The gospel is the treasure of our expositional quest.  Charles Spurgeon said, “Whatever subject I preach, I do not stop until I reach the Savior, the Lord Jesus, for...


The Preacher and His Critics

July 9, 2013

If you are a faithful student of God’s Word, if you preach truth to the very best of your ability, and if you try your hardest to exemplify Christ-like...


The Preacher and His Calling

July 6, 2013

For the man of God, the calling of God is essential to the service of God.  Scripture describes our calling as high, heavenly, and holy; and for good reason: ...

Preaching Spiritual Formation

The Preacher and His Daily Devotion

July 5, 2013

My grandfather gave me some council years ago, “If you want power in your preaching, live right.”  One may assume you need personality, degree, articulation, or the power of...


The Preacher and His Words

July 4, 2013

The preacher spends countless hours a week reading, studying, digging, and writing down words.  Words from Scripture, words from books and commentaries, words from preaching, words from prayer and...


The Preacher and His Health

July 3, 2013

“Why are we discussing this?” I thought, “This subject is supposed to be about preaching, not dieting.”  My pastoral theology class in Bible College was full of practical information,...


The Preacher and His Mind

July 2, 2013

“When any new fact enters the human mind it must proceed to make itself at home; it must proceed to introduce itself to the previous denizens of the house”...