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5 Reasons Why We Seldom See Revival

September 5, 2013

“We don’t need more methods on file,” said Vance Havner, “we need more men on fire!” It’s true, the modern church has learned how to create a pretty effective...

Preaching Spiritual Formation

The Preacher and His Daily Devotion

July 5, 2013

My grandfather gave me some council years ago, “If you want power in your preaching, live right.”  One may assume you need personality, degree, articulation, or the power of...

Spiritual Formation

The Need, the Nature, and the Nourishment of Repentance

June 26, 2013

  The Need of Repentance The word repentance has become misplaced in the modern church.  Because of its unpopular tone, many have discharged it from their preaching; and those...

Book Reviews Spiritual Formation

Book Review: Christlike by Bill Hull

June 25, 2013

Bill Hull is one of today’s leading aficionados when it comes to discipleship.  His literary contributions to the subject has awakened and reignited a passion among many believers in...

Christian Living Spiritual Formation

Being a Good Steward of Your Trial

June 25, 2013

  The great tragedy of trials is not going through them, but rather going through them and not learning anything from them.  God permits, and sometimes even sends, trials...

Christian Living Spiritual Formation

Holiness is Not a Dirty Word

June 7, 2013

We hear little mention of it these days, but it is still a requirement to see God. The concept of “holiness” has become taboo in many circles, a dirty...

Christian Living Spiritual Formation

Developing a Daily Devotion

June 5, 2013

The secret to living the Christian life is to live it every day.  There was a time in my life when spending time with God was not a daily...