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Chatter: The Noisy Strategy of our Enemy

August 4, 2016

Chatter: Do you hear it? It’s all around.  People talking about this, voicing their opinions about that. It’s omnipresent in so many ways.  From podcasts to political pundits, we are inundated with the sound of meaningless, trivial, non-relenting noise.  What seems like mass, chaotic clamor coming from a thousand different directions, however, is actually the culmination of a much-greater and sinister ploy.


With so many voices jockeying for our attention, we have insulated ourselves within the racketing walls of nothingness.  We hear much, but the heart is deaf.  This is the strategy of our enemy.  He has so manipulated the echoes of our lives that we hardly recognize the tone and timber of the still small voice.


We have conversations, in great detail, about God without ever having conversations with God.  Like Elijah of old, we stand in the dark cave of discontentment and listen for the earthquake, fire and wind.  The chatter of it all mesmerizes our minds, but our hearts remain void and empty.  Through the noise, God, in His gentleness and meekness calls us unto Himself.  He speaks; but do we hear?


This hour, if you pause, you will hear the chatter.  Yet, none of it, no matter how grandiose and eloquent it may sound, can draw you to the needed hope and peace you are longing for.  The enemy knows that the voice of God can redirect your life.  It can give you strength for your battles.  It can give you peace in your storms.  It can give you hope in your valleys.  It can give you faith to believe and overcome.


No wonder Satan is a noisy foe.  If he shuts out the tender calling of God in your life, he has captured your attention like the snare of a fowler.  Rid your life of the noise.  Cut it off.  Tune it out so that you can tune in to the piercing stillness of God’s voice.  Only then will revival take place.  Only then will truth be known.  Only then will hearts be different.  Hear Him while He is tenderly calling and dismiss the chatter that increasingly fills your life.

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