Favorite Quotes on INFLUENCE

February 21, 2014



“There is little we touch, but we leave the print of our fingers behind” –Richard Baxter


“Influence is not twisting people’s arms to get them to do things.  It is not pleading with them to do things.  You don’t turn influence on and off like a light switch.  Influence is a mindset.  Influence is a cumulative pressure that gets thing moving and keeps them moving.” –Mel Lawrenz


“You don’t have to be a house-hold name to change the house.  You don’t have to have your name out on the marquee to change the marquee.  Small people doing small things change the world.  Recognize your sphere of influence, regardless of its size, and do something to make a difference. –Kenneth Kuykendall


“If those who hold influence over others fail to lead toward the spiritual uplands, then surely the path to the lowlands will be well worn.  People travel together; no one lives detached and alone.” –J. Oswald Sanders


“Only through association is there transformation- we cannot change people if we do not spend time with them.  People who do not change their minds can’t change anything, and it takes face time with people to see such transformation.” –Hanz Finzel


“The only inheritance that a man will leave that has eternal value is his influence” –Larry Dobbs


“The length and breadth of our influence on others are directly related to the depth of concern we have for them.” –John Maxwell


“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it” –Edith Wharton


“He is greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own” – Henry Ward Beecher


“The very essence of the power to influence lies in getting the other person to participate” – Harry Overstreet

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