Favorite Quotes on WISDOM

December 14, 2013

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“The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are” –C. S Lewis


“Sometimes dead people can be our best friends.” –Mel Lawrenz


“Teach your children and grandchildren the importance of wisdom, and you have fulfilled one of the most important duties you have.- Paul Chappell


“Knowledge and wisdom, far from being one, have oftentimes no connection.  Knowledge dwells in heads replete with the thoughts of other men: wisdom in minds attentive to their own.  Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much, Wisdom is humble, that he knows no more.” –Unknown


“Wisdom is nine-tenths a matter of being wise in time; most of us are wise after the event.” –Theodore Roosevelt


“The wise man questions himself, the fool others.” –Henri Arnold


“He is a wise man who wastes no energy on pursuits for which he is not fitted; and he is wiser still who from among the things he can do well, chooses and resolutely follows the best.” –William Gladstone


“The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.” -William James


“I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday” – Abraham Lincoln


“People say there are two kinds of learning: experience, which is gained from your own mistakes, and wisdom, which is learned from the mistakes of others.  I recommend that you learn from the mistakes of others as much as possible.” –John Maxwell


“The wisest thing you can ever do is ask the Lord for wisdom.” –Kenneth Kuykendall

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