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How Faith is Like Your GPS

December 3, 2013


As a child, I remember having a very large, plastic map in the glove-department of our family car.  It was rarely used, but from time to time, it would make an appearance whenever we traveled somewhere new.  Usually my dad would pull off the side of the road, trace his finger along the miniscule roadways, and try his best to determine the location of the next turn.  This antiquated method of traveling was time-consuming and often times inaccurate.  Once the map came out of the dash, it usually stayed out until we reached our desired location.

Technologically speaking, we have traveled a long way since those days, and primarily without a cheap, annoying, plastic map.  Like most of you, I use my GPS extensively in my travels.  All I need is an address and an estimated time of travel, and I am good to go.  To say the least, it has put the plastic map out of business.

Have you ever considered how faith is like a GPS?


1. You Have to Listen to Others

I am sure you have heard some preacher behind some pulpit make the joke about the frustration of having “two women” telling him how to drive.  We are all familiar with that feminine voice that speaks from the GPS.  The truth is, faith is about listening to others.  Faith “cometh by hearing.”  Those who refuse instruction seldom get to where they are going on time.


2. You Have to Start Where You Are

Whenever I turn on my GPS for specific direction, it always initiates the journey from my current location.  Faith works the same way.  You can start from wherever you are right now.  On the backside of life’s dirt road, there is direction and instruction!  Faith leads us back to the main highways, regardless of the various wrong turns we have taken.


3. You will have to Re-route from Time to Time

Roads and highways change.  Expect some detours and alternate routes.  Whenever I get re-routed, it is not because the system is wrong, it is because the circumstances of the drive have changed.  Expect some roads to come to an end; expect some unforeseen curves.  When we get re-routed it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t know where He is leading us, He is just getting a better road for us to travel!


4. You Are Responsible for the Drive

It doesn’t matter how much direction I receive from my GPS, I am the one responsible for the trip.  If I refuse to heed the instruction (and I have), I will end up either late or lost.  I confess, there have been times in my prideful disposition, I have actually argued with my GPS and taken a different route.  I think we do the same thing with God.

He knows the way, He knows the best way, and He knows the way you should take.  By faith, trust Him, listen to Him, and enjoy the ride along the way.


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