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Lessons Learned in Soul-Winning from My Lawn-Care Provider

October 28, 2013


I recently told my wife that we needed to improve our lawn care.  It had been several years since we had a company who maintained our weed and feed, and my plan was to intentionally look for someone to give me a price.  Within a few hours of that conversation a local company actually called me to see if we needed service or maintenance.

After a few minutes of explaining our needs, I gave the salesman all of our information; he seemed genuinely surprised that I was so eager to talk with him and give him my business.  I then asked him how many calls he had made on this one particular day, and how many contracts he secured.  He just laughed, and said, “Well sir, you are the first one out of hundreds of phone calls.”  Ironically enough, he called at the right time and found someone who was looking for what he had to offer.

The same holds true in leading others to Christ.  In this generation you may witness to thousands of people, pass out thousands of tracts, and knock on thousands of doors, and never get any response.  Fulfilling the Great Commission can become tedious and discouraging if you consider the typical reply of those you try to reach.  But if you keep on working, you are bound to find someone who realizes you have something they need.  As a matter of fact, that person may have been waiting for your call, your tract, or your timely word.  We should not measure our efforts based upon the harvest –only God can give the increase.  We measure our efforts by the amount of seed we sow.

From that phone conversation I was reminded of a few simple truths about soul-winning:

1. You are employed to make the calls regardless of how those on the other line perceive you.


2. Don’t give up even if you are rejected time after time.


3. Somebody somewhere is waiting for you to make them an offer.


4. God is always working on the other end.


5. There is always joy when you sign someone up.



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