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Our Latest Book is Here: THE JOY OF DEVOTION

October 13, 2014


Spiritual maturity does not happen overnight, and it will not happen without an intentional effort to seek God in the daily minutiae of life.  God did not redeem us, fill us with His Spirit, and write our names in His book so that we could live joyless, hapless lives.  On the contrary, He has imparted everlasting, victorious, abundant life within our hearts, the kind of life that gives joy unspeakable and full of glory.  But such joy will never exist without His daily presence.

One of the burdens of my heart is to help others grow in their daily walk with God.  Our latest book, The Joy of Devotion (How to Develop and Maintain a Daily Walk with God) is the result of that burden.  The book is divided into three sections:


Section 1 – When Devotion is Missing

In this section we discuss the difference between maintaining religious rules for God versus having a spiritual relationship with God.  We examine why daily devotions may or may not be missing and what we should do to cultivate our hearts for the Lord.


Section 2 – How Devotion is Made

This section is more practical.  This portion of the book deals with the motives and mechanics of the daily devotion.  In six chapters we discuss the applications of prayer, Scripture-reading, Bible-plans, fasting, and various components of our daily priorities.


Section 3 – Where Devotion is Manifested

In this last section of the book we look at the effects of devotion.  Devotion may originate in the secret, private places of our lives, but be certain, the overflow is far-reaching.  Daily devotion produces holiness, revival, service, humility and ultimately joy.

Today we release the book at an introductory price of $10.00 (plus shipping).  The proceeds go toward funding our devotional ministry Seeds for the Soul.  Buy a copy today and help us distribute thousands of quarterly devotions around the country!


Follow the link here to buy the 193 pg. hardbound edition.

Follow the link here to buy the Ebook version.




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