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The Blessings of Boredom

June 1, 2013


It is during the seasons of adversity that I learn to appreciate boredom.  Oftentimes we complain about the mundane, mediocre moments that monopolize our lives; you know: the predictable suppers, the overcrowded highways, the same-old sitcoms, the old worn-out pajamas, the ordinary, run-of-the-mill content of each ordinary day.  It seems like we undervalue and underrate the dullness until something bad occurs.

Isn’t it ironic how the death of a loved one, a lost job, a bad doctor’s report, or a financial setback causes us to long for the ordinary?  It is then we realize that boredom is actually a blessing.

If you are bored with life- (the same old schedule, the same old job, the same old way to work, the same old restaurants, the same old conversations, etc…) you need only look to your neighbor who is lost, your co-worker who is struggling with addiction, your boss who is losing his marriage, your friends who are in financial despair, or your brothers and sisters in Christ who are facing great heartache..then you will realize the happiness God has designed in the humdrum.

There are bountiful blessings in boredom; not necessarily by what is present, but rather by what is absent.  If you are bored you just might be missing out on some of the greatest heartaches in life.  Go ahead and put on those old flannel pajamas, drink from that old ceramic coffee mug, and blob down in the same old chair in your living room.  Gather your family together and rejoice in the “boredom” that God has so graciously provided.



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