The Danger of Watering Down the Truth

May 14, 2013


Robert Courtney is not a name you want to be associated with.  Over a nine-year period he diluted the medication of cancer patients.  It was estimated that he altered over 98,000 prescriptions, and affected nearly 4,200 patients.  Seventeen deaths can be traced back to his diluted formula.  He made close to twenty million dollars through his fraudulent behavior, but was finally caught and sentenced to thirty years in prison.

Thousands of sick people trusted Robert Courtney with their lives.  He was supposed to be an agent of healing, but instead he was an agent of hate and hurt.
Modern culture wants the church to dilute the truth of God’s Word.  They say it tastes bad, and is divisive.  What they do not realize is that by watering down the truth we are actually killing off a generation in their sins. In his book, Not a Fan, Kyle Idleman declares, “As a preacher you all too easily find yourself presenting the parts of the Bible that will be more popular. The parts that you don’t think will be as well received are dressed up with creative language in an attempt to try and distract from the offensiveness. Instead of the uncompromised and unfiltered truths from God’s Word, people are given a neutered and more palatable version. In doing so we rob the gospel of its power and the people of the life God has for them.”
Like a cancer, sin grows and destroys the soul.  The only remedy against it is the truth of Scripture.  When we fail to tell people about sin, judgment, and eternal hell, we are, in effect, directing them to a Christ-less eternity.  May we ever proclaim the truth of God’s Word; the sin-sick sinner needs not a watered-down version.
Guard yourself from the temptation of diluting the truth:
1. Deal with your own pride. Confront the heart and keep your motives in check
2. Establish the truth as the standard of your life and the benchmark of your ministry
3. Don’t measure your “successes and failures” by cultural trends or popular opinions
4. Keep an eternal perspective on the souls in your sanctuary, streets, and city
5. Live in light of the Judgment Seat of Christ
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