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The Overview and Undertaking of our New Church Theme

January 6, 2014

2014 Theme for Screens

Life is meant to be experienced in communion and relationship with others.  The power of the early church was experienced in group dynamics.  God Himself calls the church a Body, a Building, a Bride.  Each of these descriptive terms alludes to unity, harmony, and togetherness.  This is not a suggestion…this is what we are.  Therefore, to function properly the church MUST work TOGETHER to fulfill its God-given assignments.  Consider the following:

Acts 1- They assembled together

Acts 2- They believed together

Acts 4- They prayed together

Acts 20- They came together

Romans 1- We are comforted together

Romans 6- We are planted together

Romans 8- we will be glorified together because we groan together

Romans 15- We are to strive together

1 Corinthians 1- We are perfectly joined together

2 Corinthians 6- We are workers together

Ephesians 1- We are gathered together

Ephesians 2- We are quickened together, raised together, called to sit together, and are fitly-framed together, and built together

Philippians 3- We are followers together

Colossians 2- We are knit together

1 Thessalonians 4- We shall be caught up together and live together forever

To reiterate, God calls the church to experience life TOGETHER.


Our theme this year comes from 1 Corinthians 3:9-

“We are labourers TOGETHER with God”

Consider the Parts– We are labourers (Everyone should be doing something)

Consider the Partnership– together (Everyone working together is not only God’s plan, it is the most productive strategy for harvest)

Consider the Power– With God (God alone gives the increase and gets the glory)

Consider the Plan: Here is a list of some of our goals and objectives for 2014


New Ministries

  • Watchmen Ministry
  • Timothy’s Training
  • 20/20 Vision Outreach


Specific Goals

  • To advance the Kingdom of God by reaching more souls than ever before
  • Spirit of teamwork in every ministry
  • 300 average in Sunday School


Special Days

  • Friend and Family Day with Revival to Follow (March 2-5)
  • The Battle at Cross Roads (March 22)
  • Host of Georgia Independent Baptist Fellowship (March 31, April 1)
  • 30 Year Anniversary (September 14)
  • Open House Sunday (October 12)


New Projects

  • Interior Upgrades (paint, trim, and lights)
  • Media Upgrades (projectors, phone system, soundboards)
  • Foyer Addition
  • Multi-purpose Building




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