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The Spiritual Implications of Flossing

December 27, 2013

My wife is a dental hygienist.  She constantly stresses to my family the importance of flossing.  Most people have no problem brushing their teeth multiple times a day, but flossing is another story.  The American Dental Association recommends flossing at least once a day, but a majority of Americans disregard the recommendation.  Brushing alone will not give a person the total dental health that they need.

If this is true in the natural sense, it is certainly true in the spiritual.  From time to time we should do some spiritual flossing.  Oh sure, we have a daily regimen of brushing, but what about those hard to reach areas that are underneath the surface?   Over time we accumulate worldly plaque.  This not only gives off a foul smell, it actually causes other health problems.  Sometimes we need to aggressively rid our life of the foul-smelling bacteria that accumulates over time. If it has been awhile since you’ve spiritually flossed, consider the following:


1. Flossing is Uncomfortable.  It can agitate the gum, and even cause bleeding.  Yes, it may be a little painful, but when considering the alternative, it is definitely needed.  Spiritual flossing can hurt…agitate the soul even; but going without it produces far superior issues.


2. Flossing is Needed Daily.  To maintain the proper dental health, one should consistently rid his mouth of bacteria and plaque.  When a believer goes days or weeks without prayer and repentance, he accumulates worldly encumbrances which affect his spiritual health.


3. Flossing Reaches Unseen Areas.  This is not about having a bright, religious smile; no, this goes beyond vain cosmetics.  It invades those hard-to-reach areas where the real problems abide.  From time to time we need to do some soul-searching, and even some soul-scrubbing.


4. Flossing is Needed for Each Tooth.  Even as each tooth should be examined, brushed, cleaned, and flossed, so should every area of our life come under spiritual scrutiny.  It is possible to keep your front teeth clean and need a root canal in the back.  Keep a watch over all areas of your life.


5. Flossing is about Overall Health.  According to WebMD, studies indicate that a build-up of plaque can lead to heart disease and dementia.  In short, flossing is preventative.  Taking care of the small areas of our spirituality is always to the benefit of a much larger picture.

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