Top 10 Posts of 2013

December 30, 2013


If you have taken the time to read any of my posts this year, I would like to personally thank you.  The intention of this blog is to present biblically-minded principles in a practical, ministry-based format.  Our site-statistics manager has logged the top ten posts over the past year, and I would like to share those posts with you in the order of their popularity.

As I studied and reviewed the statistics,  I found that most of you are interested in articles and thoughts concerning church ministry and personal spiritual formation.  That is interesting to me because those are the things in particular that I enjoy discussing and writing about the most.  Thanks again for all the comments, suggestions, and encouraging words.

I trust you will have a great New Year; one that flows with the promises and blessings of God!


10. 3 Ways for a Leader to be Absolutely Obnoxious on Social Media


9. The Spiritual Implication of Flossing


8. COEXIST: Should a Christian Comply?


7. 5 Reasons Why We Seldom See Revival


6. 12 Things You Can Do This Sunday to Encourage Your Church


5. 7 Reasons Why You Should Laugh Right Now


4. How to Beat the BUSY Life


3. Are You Flirty or Faithful to Your Church


2. The One Defining Quality of Spiritual Leadership


1. What Happens When You’re Not There



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